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Integrity Martial Arts in Enfield is the best kept secret to having honor roll discipline, unbreakable confidence, and a determination to be brave enough to be your true self.

"Integrity is just amazing. Not just the karate, but also the social aspect is cool too. It is helpful to have a good time while learning respect, martial arts and focus." - Jake J.
Six Weeks for $69


  • Includes 1 private lessons
  • Your first belt
  • Orientation DVD
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  • Includes one private lesson
  • Includes one group lesson
  • Orientation DVD
  • Official School T-shirt
The real value and power of martial arts training lies in the unshakable confidence it instills in children.
Children at Integrity Martial Arts regularly achieve more academically, and strive for excellence in all areas of their lives.

Arm your child with confidence!
I want to welcome you to our school and introduce you to some of the amazing benefits martial arts training can give your child. Most people think of Karate as being all about punching and kicking - and while we do focus very seriously on building solid physical skills, the real value and power of martial arts training lies in the unshakable confidence it instills in children.

Some parents want their children to learn Karate so they can physically defend against a bully at school; but the bully is far less likely to pick on a child who walks with that air of confidence that is a hallmark of martial arts training.

In my experience, these programs have the unique ability to bring out each child's individual best within the context of a group format. Class formats benefit those who are shy and need confidence building, those who are looking for a new and challenging activity, as well as those who have difficulties with acting out behaviors and require guidance in the areas of self discipline and control. The program offers all participants the opportunity to have fun while experiencing personal success. I am continually impressed with the way the instructors identify each child's particular needs/abilities and respond in ways which help individuals achieve their best. And, all this is done through positive reinforcement/re-direction without the need for reprimand or embarrassment."

- Mary H. Cheyne, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist
Glastonbury, CT
Put "peer pressure" to work for you

The confidence children gain from Karate training becomes increasingly important as they approach their teenage years and begin to face increasing "peer pressure." Really, peer pressure holds the power it does because every child wants to have a sense of belonging and acceptance with his or her friends. As children train at Integrity Martial Arts, being a martial artist becomes a strong part of their self-identity. In essence, their classmates in their martial arts classes exert some very positive peer pressure, which can help counter-balance the various negative influences that may be acting on them at school.

Hand in hand with this unshakable confidence comes a deep sense of self-respect, and respect for others, as well as an increased level of self-discipline. Children in our trademarked Powerplay Martial Arts regularly achieve more academically, and strive for excellence in all areas of their lives. They show improved respect for their teachers, parents, siblings and peers.

When my child is at home, she now shows respect by doing her chores, feeding her animal and she is very thoughtful not only for me but for her whole family. Also, she is very disciplined with her morning routine, helps me if asked. When I first started at Integrity Martial Arts, I didn't think my child could stop crying! Lol, but now much more confident with herself. I love seeing her being proud of herself. The thing IMA has helped my child the most with is self control and listening skills- she is proud of herself- I love seeing her have the self control and the confidence to act on it. It's the best thing I ever did or will do for her.

- Donica Burns,
Mother of Chelsey Johnson

The best way to see what our program can do for your child is to come in and try it out for yourself. I invite you to try Integrity Martial Arts at our school in Enfield. You can try it for one week or a month using this special half-price offer absolutely free. If you do, I will also make sure you get a free martial arts uniform to keep, whether you choose to stay with us or not.

*To get started, click on one of the two trial offers above or give us a call at 860-698-9226 and an schedule your first class*

Integrity Martial Arts in Enfield, CT has been providing children (as young as three) and adults with martial arts lessons since 2001. Over the years, they have taught how to deal with bullies, discipline and focus lessons in schools and through town programs in Enfield, Somers, Longmeadow, Suffield, East Windsor, and Springfield, MA. Not just a karate school, their 5000 square foot facility is a well-recognized source of character education designed to build confidence and respect.

Their martial arts leadership programs have been recognized for excellence in character education by the U.S. Special Forces, the Governor and the President Of The United States. Most of Integrity Martial Arts students live in Enfield, Somers, Ellington, Suffield, East Windsor, Longmeadow, East Longmeadow, Agawam, or Stafford Springs.

So if you are interested in discovering how Integrity Martial Arts can help you get in shape, defend yourself, learn about bullies, develop confidence and discipline or just meet nice people to grow, learn and exercise with, click one of the trial offers above.

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